A newborn baby sleeping on his tummy on his parents' bed.

Lifestyle newborn photography

With my background in photojournalism and documentary photography, I prefer to take natural images in my clients' homes.

My passion is to capture timeless lifestyle photographs for my clients. Images that won't go "out of fashion", but rather capture a feeling and a little bit of history that the children can also cherish when they look at them one day.

For me, less is more when it comes to newborn photography. No need for props, because I feel newborns are best captured in a blanket or even just plain baby grow or vest.

The best time to do the newborn shoot is around day 8 after birth (or as close to this day as possible). Newborns tend to sleep a lot during the first two weeks of life, which works well for these images.

That said - it is just as special to get photos during baby's "awake time". Every baby is different, and I adapt to any situation. As a mother, I know that most babies do not really have routines this early in life and work around feeding, burping and nappy changes.

Mother and child sleeping on the bed.
Father holding his baby boy's hand.
A newborn baby sleeping on his tummy;.
Newborn photo lying on her back on the bed.
A baby being held by his mother and father in a sling.
A baby boy sleeping soundly.
A mother and child on the bed.
Mother, father, dog and newborn baby lying on the bed.
Twins sleeping.
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