The Smit family's lockdown story

The Smit family during lockdown.

11 June 2020

As most of you know I joined the @frontstepsproject a while ago taking photos of families during lockdown (while keeping my distance with my 200mm lens). I only ask for a donation to either House of Thembiso or Susters4Life.

I got the idea from a wonderful photographer and friend of mine - Sandri Blom Photography who was doing the same in New Zealand. The original idea came from Cara Soulia Photography in Massachusetts and more photographers joined in. I contacted Cara via Facebook messenger and asked if she would mind if I also joined in (but with South African NGO's instead). She was very happy to hear that this initiative is taking flight in South Africa too!

The first family I photographed was The Smitte. They are not only awesome, but they are also our neighbours.

After the shoot, I sent them a few questions about how they experienced the lockdown (obviously also via email in order to keep my distance:

What is the worst thing for you about the lockdown?
Not to be able to see our family and having a braai with friends.

How was your work-life affected?
Fortunately, I was able to work from home.

What is the best thing about lockdown or is there something you are maybe going to miss once lockdown is over?
More family time and a slower pace of life. "More time with Mom and Dad" - Femke

What did you learn from lockdown? Is there maybe something you would keep on doing even after lockdown is over or do differently?)
Don't eat bats!!!! 🤣 and always make sure that you have enough stock on wine!

What are you missing the most that you can't do right now (or especially missed during level 5?).
We surely missed spending time in nature!

Is there anything interesting you and your family did in terms of utilizing your space and keeping busy? (Watter oulike plannetjies het jul gemaak?).
We had picnics with a great view over the mountains on our garage roof.
"Dad built me a mountain bike route around the house." - Ruben
"I learned to bake pancakes and flapjacks. Mom and I also jogged around the house." - Femke

Two kids at their home in Cape Town during the lockdown.
The Smit family at their front door during lockdown.
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