Lockdown stories told during Covid-19 through images and the @frontstepsproject. All proceeds going to Sisters4life and House of Thembiso.

13 Junie 2020

It was such a pleasure taking the Mac Nicol family's front steps photos on Marsha's birthday. She decorated the area in front of their front door so beautifully and the family decided to have a picnic right there!

As with the other front steps photos I asked Marsha a few questions (via email of course) after the shoot on how they experienced the lockdown:

What is the worst thing for you about the lockdown?
Having to cancel my daughter's 6th birthday party. We had to cancel the venue, inform all her friends, she couldn't even see her grandparents.

How was your work-life affected?
My husband and I could still work from home. He went back to work in Level 4, I continue to work from home, and homeschooling the kids in between. We realize how blessed we are to still be able to work.

How did you overcome difficulties and adapt during this time?
The kids missed their friends terribly, so they started chats and video calls. We also tried to make weekends fun eg, movie nights, board games, painting and lots of baking!

What is the best thing about lockdown or is there something you and the kids are maybe going to miss once lockdown is over?
The best thing about lockdown...Definitely family time! We've made so many new memories, lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of silliness.

What did you learn from lockdown? Is there maybe something you would keep on doing even after lockdown is over?
We've learned just how important quality time is with one another. Not just being home, but actually spending quality time together. Listen to each other and doing things together. Before lockdown, it was mom doing the cleaning, mom doing the cooking, mom this and mom that... Now we're doing all those things together. And I'm taking this away after lockdown.

What are you missing the most that you can't do right now (or especially missed during level 5?).
We miss visiting friends the most. Having a braai with friends or going to a wine farm with friends. The kids miss having play dates with their friends.

Is there anything interesting you and your family did in terms of utilizing your space and keeping busy?
I thought space would be an issue, with everyone under each other's noses all day long, but everyone has been absolute Champs. The kids fought less and started doing everything together. It's been absolutely wonderful to watch how much closer they've grown during this time.

P.S: Lastly I just have to share a Whatsapp Marsha sent me after she received their images. I just have to share, because this is why I love doing what I do and would also like to remember these kind words as they give me the strength to carry on doing what I believe. Trying to make a difference through the wonderful medium of photography (al is dit op 'n baie klein manier):

"Dit is absoluut stunning 💖 Vreeslik Baie dankie vir die pragtige fotos Brenda, ekt gedink my verjaarsdag gaan kom en gaan en gaan net nog n dag in lockdown wees. Maar jy het dit ekstra spesiaal gemaak. Ek love dit💞💜😍🌸." - Marsha Mac Nicol

Thank you again, Marsha and family - it was lovely meeting you. Hopefully, the wine farms will open soon!!

Family Mac Nicol at their front steps during lockdown.
A little girl holding her cat during lockdown.
A family at their front gate during lockdown.
Family photos during lockdown.
Lockdown stories told during Covid-19 through images and the @frontstepsproject. All proceeds going to Sisters4life and House of Thembiso. This is the Mac Nicol family.
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