The Govender's lockdown story

Little Zion turned two during lockdown.

12 June 2020

This shoot was extra special because it was little Zion's second birthday. Like so many other kids (and grownups) he had a lockdown birthday this year. After every front steps session I ask each family a few questions on how their lives were affected by COVID and the lockdown. Here is the Govender's lockdown story:

What is the worst thing for you about the lockdown?
The worst or most challenging thing during this period is the work-family life balance. Second to that would be the lack of having personal time.

How was your work-life affected? (Could you work and if not - what did you do about it?).
I am currently working at home, however, it has resulted in me “changing” my working hours to working at night once the little one is asleep. I still attend all meetings during the day via MS Teams, and where need be if there is an urgent matter, I compete the deadline whilst entertaining my toddler.

How did you overcome difficulties/adapt during this time? (this can be pertaining to work/family life etc...anything that comes to mind).
I won’t lie this is a work-in-progress, but I’ve managed to reach some sort of schedule with my husband. Despite him being in meetings for the most part of the morning and day, the evening routine seems to help. Once he tends to our son, I quickly tidy up. It gives me a sense of peace once the house is in order again. I require a focused approach when doing my job at work so I struggle to do that during the day with the little one. Instead, I work at night so that I can really concentrate and do my job effectively.

On the flip side, taking a more personal view on the topic, I try to find a sense of peace and quiet time by crocheting before I go to bed. This really aids in soothing my stress levels during this very unusual period in our lives.

What is the best thing about lockdown or is there something you are maybe going to miss once lockdown is over?
In addition to family time and those invaluable moments you get to experience with loved ones, I feel that we are privileged to be able to experience such a time as this to cut down on luxuries in our lives and enjoy a more simplified way of living.
It takes me on a journey of the mind of how people lived in earlier times. As a result, I have developed an intense desire to really steer our household towards living comfortably, yet, more eco-friendly.
Reflecting on the past 8 weeks under quarantine, I can certainly proclaim that this period in isolation has forced many of us to be somewhat experts at improvising.

What did you learn from lockdown? Is there maybe something you would keep on doing even after lockdown is over? (or do differently?).
I’ve indeed gained much insight as to what my husband's role at work is all about. On the other hand, I’ve also learnt how important taking a time out and being alone really is. It is critical to ones well-being to sometimes spend time in your own presence. Lastly, I do miss the ability to just take a drive. I have developed a great appreciation for the simple act of “freedom”.

What are you missing the most that you can't do right now (or especially missed during level 5?).
The ability to get into the car and take a drive to breathe. I also miss the busy daily routine we had.

Is there anything interesting you and your family did in terms of utilizing your space and keeping busy?
We have cleared out the garage to create more space for working out or a place to sit and reflect. We have also converted one room into a classroom to stimulate learning.

A beautiful family at their front door during the lock down.
The Govendor family at their front door during the lock down.
The Govendor family at their front door during the lock down.
The Govendor family at their front door during the lock down. This frontsteps session was extra special as it was Zion's second birthday.
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