Family sitting on the bed.

Special moments with the Barnards

I photographed the Barnards at their home in Durbanville. They are dear friends, and their boys are more or less the same age as our boys. This was the first shoot I did with them. They opted for a lifestyle shoot so that we could include their two cute doggies too.

We took some of the shots downstairs and others in the kids' room as well as mom and dad's room. The boys enjoyed the photos we took in their room because they started to play with mom and dad and forgot that we were busy with a photo shoot. I find that the children are much more at ease in their environment.

I did another shoot with Leana and Jacques after this one and will share it soon.

Little boy playing with a toy aeroplane.
Father and son playing with an aeroplane.
Father playing with his son.
Boy sitting in his room playing with a toy aeroplane.
Mom and son spending time together.
Mother and son spending time in the kids' room.
A toddler in his room.
Father and son playing.
Father and son sitting on the bed.
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