Little girl reaching for a pink balloon.

A different type of cake smash

As a lifestyle photographer, I do the "cake smash" or "turning one" shoots a bit differently. We do not necessarily do the backdrop and balloons, but rather do a lifestyle session where the cake is only a part of the shoot.

This does not mean that we can't have balloons or include a few fun props, but I like to use your home as the "backdrop", making the shoot so much more meaningful.

Phia's mom Elrika baked a cake the day before which the family decorated together. This was really special, and Phia enjoyed it so much spending time with mommy and daddy. I find that this method actually works better because in my experience the little ones don't necessarily like to "smash" the cake. A lot of kids actually don't like the sensory feeling of cake between their fingers at that age! Furthermore, by decorating the cake together, you create memories while capturing them! This way, the shoot becomes a memorable experience on its own.

We also got a few lovely shots in Phia's room as well as mom and dad's room. This was also special because just a short year ago I did Phia's newborn photos in that same house.

Couple kissing.
Little girl lying on her back on her bed while holding a pink balloon.
Mother and child decorating a cake.
Mom, dad and little daughter decorating a cake.
Couple celebrating with their one year old girl.
Little one year old girl looking at her cake decoration.
Little one year old girl sitting on a kitchen counter, looking at her cake.
Family lying on bed with their one year old girl.
A family on the bed laughing.
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