Lockdown with Die Bothas

Die Botha family at home during lockdown.

13 June 2020

Adri and Adriaan are very good friends of ours and our sons have been friends since kindergarten. It was so nice taking their front steps photos and the bonus was that I could also quickly see them for a few minutes!

As you probably know by now - I ask everyone I photograph a few questions (the same questions). They then mail/WhatsApp the answers to me afterwards (so we are still keeping our distance!).

Here are their answers and how the lockdown affected them as family:

What is the worst thing for you about the lockdown?
Not being able to move freely.

How was your work-life affected? (Could you work and if not - what did you do about it?).
One parent had to look after the kids while the other work. I had to work in the evenings when the kids were in bed. Very tiring.

How did you overcome difficulties/adapt during this time? (this can be pertaining to work/family life etc... Anything that comes to mind).
I’m not a teacher so my patience was tested. I got Lauren to help with school work either via zoom or coming to our home. This has taken a lot of pressure from me.

What is the best thing about lockdown or is there something you and the kids are maybe going to miss once lockdown is over?
We spend a lot of wonderful family time playing games. The children playing outside in the mud. Doing gardening as a family. I hope this will continue.

What did you learn from lockdown? Is there maybe something you would keep on doing even after lockdown is over? (or do differently?).
You don’t need to go out to have a great time you can make it special at home and have a great time. And my baking skills improved.

What are you missing the most that you can't do right now (or especially missed during level 5?).
Going out for walks or runs when you feel like it.

Is there anything interesting you and your family did in terms of utilizing your space and keeping busy? (Watter oulike plannetjies het jul gemaak?)
We set up office space in the reading room. André has his school and art at the dining table. During level 5 André joined art classes on Zoom. There were loads of free entertainment for kids.

My very good friend with her beautiful son during lockdown.
Die Botha family at home during lockdown level 4.
The Botha family at their home in Durbanville.
Two brothers a thome during lockdown.
Die Botha family at home during lockdown level 4.
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