Baby lying on her parent's bed.

A lovely morning

Here are a few of my favourite photos taken from Heike's newborn shoot. I also took Heike's big sister - Hanna's newborn photos a few years back and was delighted to hear that I would see the family again.

This time in a new house, it was an honour for me to capture more special memories for the family.

That is why I love lifestyle photography. You don't just capture beautiful photos of the children, but with your home as a backdrop, you capture a little bit of history.

In a few years, this family might still be in the same home or even in yet another house, town or even country (hopefully not!), but you get the idea. As Heraclitus (a Greek philosopher) said: "Change is the only constant in life".

They will look at these photos and say "oh you guys were so little - do you remember that house" or "man we had fun in that garden...".

Lifestyle photography is a way of capturing moments and a little bit of history in a non-obtrusive and natural manner and capturing timeless images for everyone to enjoy years from now.

Newborn photo lying on her back on the bed.
Big sister with her little baby sister.
A little girl playing on the bed with her mom, dad and new baby sister.
A beautiful little girl with her parents at home.
A little girl laughing.
A father having breakfast with his little girl at home.
Baby feet.
A baby girl with her big sister on the bed at home.
A dad holding his little girl in his hands.
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