Liefiekind Elijah

Baby at home with his mother.

Sneak Preview

Little Elijah was born in September. We did his newborn shoot at his parent's home. First off we took a few shots with mom, dad and big brother Oliver. Like a lot of babies, Elijah fell asleep during the shoot, and we could take a few shots while he was sleeping.

One of the big advantages of doing a lifestyle newborn session at home is that you don't have to worry about traffic or packing diaper bags or feedings.

There isn't really any planning necessary, because you are already home (and have everything at hand). I "roll with the punches" and adapt. While your baby is awake, we take lovely "awake' photos. If your little one is hungry, I usually go and take pictures of the nursery or siblings while mommy is feeding.

With this session, Elijah was fast asleep while I took pictures, and we could leave him to continue sleeping afterwards. I could then concentrate on mommy and Oliver a bit too. For me, it is essential to make the siblings feel that they are also part of the shoot.

Here is Elijah's Sneak Preview so long. I will share more photos later.

A newborn baby sleeping on his tummy on his parents' bed.
Mother and baby on the bed at home.
Father embracing his newborn son.
Mom and dad with baby at home.
A baby sleeping on his side on his parents' bed.
A family at home.
Father and son.
A baby being held by his mother and father in a sling.
A father holding his baby in his arms.