A baby boy laughing.

Bubbly Ben

Baby Ben is the most bubbly little boy I have ever photographed with the most beautiful smile. He was laughing at his parents the whole time. It was so cute!

I just love the way newborns and babies look at their mom and dad. I don't think I will ever get tired of capturing the special bond parents have with their children.

With the family residing in Texas and only in South Africa for a while, mom Tammy arranged for us to take the images at a family member's home. It was important for her to still get natural images.

It was a lovely morning spent with this beautiful family. Here are a few of my favourites.

A mother with her baby boy laughing while he is looking at her.
A couple with their baby boy laughing at them.
A mother with her baby boy.
A baby boy laughing at his parents.
A couple with their baby boy on their lap.
A baby boy laughing.
A baby boy with his mother at home.
A couple spending time with their baby boy at home.
A family with their baby boy on their lap.
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