A beautiful cat sitting on the stairs.

Cats rule the world!

I love animals, and I love cats. I grew up with dogs but got my first two cats when I was working at the newspapers. We did a story at Wetnose, and I ended up coming home with two kittens!

Now I can't imagine my life without a cat in the house. Yes, dogs are amazing, and I do not want to compare. I mean I love Chilli our daschhund and his unconditional love. So many things about dogs I love (but I am keeping that for another post).

But I love how cats are entirely different from dogs. I love how they choose you and how you can't make them do anything unless they want to! Most of all, I love their swag, style and stubbornness as if they know they are related to the king of the jungle.

But most of all those cuddles on the couch when you are watching your favourite TV show. The sound and vibration of a cat purring on your lap are priceless. They make afternoon naps even better and editing fun (when they grace you with their presence on your lap while you are burning the midnight oil).

Our kids learn about unconditional love from our dog, but with the cats, they learn to love and let be (and that whole saying about if you love someone set them free...).

Cat lying on the floor.
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