Kristen's lockdown story

Kristen van Staden and her children during Lockdown level 4.

12 June 2020

I photographed my "almost" neighbour during lockdown level 4 (she is my neighbour's neighbour) and we included ALL of her children (the furry ones too!). Kristen is also a photographer. I asked her a few questions on the effect COVID and the lockdown had on her and her family.

What is the worst thing for you about the lockdown?

The inability to be free. Knowing you can't go to someplace and explore and be adventurous. Without lockdown myself and the kids we do stuff every day, every weekend. Also, not being able to see our horse even though she is ours we can't see her.

How was your work-life affected?
My work-life has been terribly affected. I have had to put my children in front of work and it has been really tough on me.

How did you overcome difficulties or adapt during this time?
Video calls help a lot!

What is the best thing about lockdown or is there something you and the kids are maybe going to miss once lockdown is over?
The best thing about lockdown is not having to rush around. I am not looking forward to the school run, but at the same time it is what I miss (being able to go places) so the struggle is bittersweet. You are dealing with anxiety and emotions up and down all the time, but what I miss the most is my horse. Looks like will only be allowed to visit her on level 3/2 so it is very difficult.

Is there anything interesting you and your family did in terms of utilizing your space/keeping busy (Watter oulike plannetjies het jul gemaak?).
No not anything very interesting basic survival... just staying alive!

The van Staden family during lockdown.
The van Staden family during lockdown.
A beautiful cat during lockdown.
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