Family Preüss 2017

Family together at Paarl Mountain Reserve

Paarl Rock!

This was a lovely family shoot. The Preüss family has been doing shoots with Liefiekind Photography for years now and usually contacts me round about their youngest daughter's birthday.

It is always a lot of fun choosing a new venue because the first year we did a shoot on their farm. The next year was on the beach. The year after that in the "forest" and with this shoot we decided on Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve (the one after this one I convinced them to do a lifestyle shoot at their new home).

Just love these photos (even if I must say so myself!), but will also share the other shoots at a later stage.

Siblings posing for a photo.
A young teenager.
A little girl wearing her sister's glasses.
A young girl.
A young girl posing for a picture.
A teenager posing for a picture during a family shoot.
Twin girls posing for a family shoot.
Mother and daughter hugging.
Father with his children.
FamilyOn Location