Family Aggenbach

A beautiful family in a park.

Go with the flow!

As a mother of two boys (aged 3 and 7) I understand that kids are busy! That is why I prefer to do a lifestyle shoot at home where the kids feel at ease or on location where they can run and play. With this family session we could start at the family's home and end with a few outside shots at a closeby park.

With this family, poor Juanita was so worried that we did not get enough shots because the boys were very busy and a little fussy at times. But I told mom and dad to enjoy the family time and play with the kids, and we got plenty of candid moments. The boys enjoyed this time with mom and dad. The images captured the children's playfulness and imagination, but also captured this time (or phase) in the family's life.

Sometimes my favourite shots are those candid or even little offbeat shots that were taken in between the posed ones. Sometimes the "busiest" shoots are the best ones. Like the one where your youngest is pulling on mom's hair or feeding dad purity. Or "ouboet" flying around like an aeroplane.

I always say that with the family shoots where babies and toddlers are involved: don't put too much pressure on the shoot being "perfect", because that puts too much pressure on everyone and it might end up in tears.

Don't worry about your home being perfectly clean before the shoot (you must see my house over weekends!). I shoot around things. Don't worry about a stain after a snack just before the shoot (I can photoshop if I have to).

Go with the flow and enjoy the shoot. See it as family time, and you will see that we will get special moments to treasure a lifetime!

Mother and child in a park.
Mother kissing her boy on the cheek.
A father holding his son in the air while he pretends to be an aeroplane.
A family at home spending time together.
A mom holding her baby.
A mother feeding her baby purity.
A father holding his son in the air.
A beautiful baby boy laughing.
A close up of a baby boy sitting on the floor.
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