Baby Nimeria

A couple holding and looking at their newborn baby girl.

An afternoon well spent

I did little Nimeria's newborn shoot a week or so ago. I also did her brother Nathan's newborn shoot a few years ago, and it was nice for me to see the whole family again.

One of the advantages of shooting at home is that the grandparents can also join in. Nimeria's grandmother living in Cape Town was there as well as the grandparents from Gauteng who flew in for the weekend. I was able to get a few precious shots with them too while Nimeria was awake and when she fell asleep, I could take a few single shots of her alone.

People always ask me how the shoot works, but basically, we go with the flow. Every baby is unique and every family's routine different.
We usually try and arrange the sessions in the morning for the best available light. I also found that the little ones are calmer in the mornings than in the afternoons, but with the grandparents only being in Cape Town for a weekend, we had no other choice than to shoot in the afternoon.

Luckily Nimeria was very calm during the duration of the newborn session. Although the light was a bit more complicated, we still captured lovely timeless moments.

That is why I am always flexible to adapt because I know that life happens and that is precisely what lifestyle photography is all about.

Parents looking down at their baby girl.
A baby girl sleeping.
Mother and child.
Father holding his newborn baby girl.
A grandmother holding her granddaughter.
Mother holding her newborn baby girl.
Mother lying on the bed with her baby girl.
Grandmother with her granddaughter.
Parents with their newborn baby girl.